Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Summer Trend: Neon and Bright Nail Polish

Ladies, it's time to put away that Black and Dark Purple nail polish that we've been wearing all winter because neon and other bright colors are what's in this spring and summer.

Neon colors by Essie

Neons by Lori Anne

Neon Green shades by HotTopic, Claires and OPI

Want bright green ? Try "Green-wich Village" by OPI

"Shorty Pants" by Essie"--this is my color of choice and great if you want bright yellow!

"Need Sunglasses" by OPI--if you want a more toned down yellow, you should go with this shade!

Blue? Try "Dating a Royal" by OPI

If you want a more electric blue shade, try "Blue My Mind" by OPI

If you want to try a bright orange, go with "Brights Power" by OPI

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black girl with long hair! said...

wow... this site is so cool. i desperately need fashion help, i'll have to check here for tips.