Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harem Pants: Love it or Hate It?

Okay so I now that harem pants have been in style for a while now. I have seen harem capris and pants worn by many celebs as a spring and fall trend. I am curious as to what other non-celeb females think of this style. As for me, it definitely depends on the outfit. I don't think I would personally rock this style but I think it can definitely be done depending on the right shoes, top and jewelry. Check out some of these celebs rocking this trend.

Sienna Miller

Angie Harmon


Maria Sharapova


Molly Sims


Rachel Roy

Diane Kruger

Jesica Alba

Check out some of these affordable styles!

Ralph Lauren $399

Paul & Joe Horace $358

NY & Co $20

Diane von Furstenburg $165

Curations $68

ADAM $64

Trina Turk $139

Sunday, August 16, 2009

KK Goes Blonde

Okay so recently Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde. I think she looks a lot like J.Lo with the blond hair but it looks great. I think she is so beautiful already whether her hair is dark or light. What do you think, black or blonde?

Cute trendy styles

Here are a few pics of some funky styles that I'm really feeling. I love bright colors, big hair, and mixing and matching cute trendy pieces. What do you think about these looks? (You know I had to throw in a pic of my girl RiRi)

Solange's Boy Cut

Okay we all know that Solange chopped off "ALL" of her hair a couple weeks ago. I have been trying to figure out whether or not I am feeling this look on her. I came to the realization that I personally do not like the look on her. I honestly love short natural looks such as this and I do not think that hair makes a woman. However, I do not think the look does much for her. I feel that when it grows out a little bit I will like it more. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rihanna's new 'hawk

Rihanna is one bad bitch! I just love the new mohawk..well then again, I love anything Rihanna does. This girl can definitely pull off any style. I know a lot of people are wondering why she would do this..well you guys already know how different Rihanna likes to be! And I just love that about her. She doesnt have to have the long blonde weave down her back wearing stilettos and trashy clothes to be beautiful. This girl can wear anything, including sneakers, and still look beautiful!