Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BET Awards

Here are some pics from the recent BET Awards. There really were no outfits that seriously caught my eye except for....none other than my girl, Rihanna!! Yellow was a very popular color amongst many celebrities, but I think Rihanna rocked it the best!

Keyshia Cole..Not a great choice of dress but I have missed her black hair!

Lauren London rockin a sexy dress and some smoking shoes!!!

Trina actually looking very fly. Love the yellow on her!

Queen Latifah. Not too crazy about the color of this dress. It would have been nice if the dress had been solid blue instead of having a tie-die/bleached look!

Alesha Renae..nothing spectacular about her look but the dress was nice!

Niecy Nash. Lovely shade of purple and cute t-straps!

Cassie..umm, is this the best she could do? This dress looks like a t-shirt!!

Gabrielle Union looking very beautiful in white. I love the neckline of this dress!

I have no clue what these girls were thinking..I mean I used to love TLC, but why in the world would they make such a special appearance in some daggone bellbottoms. And why was T-Boz rocking the same exact hair style and Chili still rockin the baby hair?

Alicia Keys looking stunning in her pink girly dress...I do not always like her choice of outfits but she is just so beautiful and talented!

Ashanti's dress was a little too much, especially with the thigh-high split up the front!

Keri Hilson..I like jumpsuits but you HAVE to wear them right. I did not like the look she went for with this jumpsuit at all!

Lil Kim's dress was actually nice but I just cant get over her face..or lack thereof!!

Solange..Honestly was not feeling this dress that looked too bubble-ish!

Jordin Sparks looking fabulous in red!

Jennifer Hudson...2 words, Sexxy Mama!!!!!

My only comment about Lil Mama is "Hell to the Nah!!"

I have always loved Nia Long and was so glad that she looked as beautiful as she did. This purple dress complimented her complexion very well and accentuated her petite figure!

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Amanda said...

Everyone looked fabulous at the awards. Keyshia Cole really stunned me with that yellow dress. She always looks so hot and wears thing that you can look at and say "Yep, that's Keyshia". Did you see her dress she was rocking at Toyota's "If Looks Could Kill" a few weeks ago? I know you heard abouther performance. She took part in making the event a success.

I’m currently working with Toyota and I’m really hyped to spread the word about our new interactive webisodes, If Looks Could Kill. They follow an aspiring fashion assistant, Bianca, who is a prime example of a woman who’s got it going on. I’m talking the dream job, a man who’s got all the ladies drooling, and the spice to keep it all together when hell hits the fan. Think James Bond meets Sanaa Lathan in “Something New”, Bianca is the girl who isn’t afraid to run in her Louboutin heels!
You’ll have to see what I’m talking about. Don’t forget to check out the second episode—BFF in a Box—which is available today (6/23). This girl is definitely courageous! She’s kind of like today’s Foxy Brown, don’t you think? You’ve probably already been reeled in so don’t stop now.
I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by directly contacting you. After viewing your blog and seeing how hip to the game you are when it comes to what’s hot and current, I figured this would be something that would catch your interest.
Looking forward to the girl talk!
Amanda Clouden
ILCK Ambassador