Sunday, August 16, 2009

KK Goes Blonde

Okay so recently Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde. I think she looks a lot like J.Lo with the blond hair but it looks great. I think she is so beautiful already whether her hair is dark or light. What do you think, black or blonde?

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Anja said...

oh my that looks just lovely...but how do they do it?!
I've been dying my hair from like 6 years back when i went to study in japan (u don't wanna be the only blonde girl in country side japan lol) and i really feel like i want to change it back again. I tried it once at the hair salon there, but after bleaching it twice, it ended up white at the roots and orange and brown for the rest of the hair and well, after hiding under a baseball cap, and crying to my best friend over a couple of drinks the whole night, i went back to black the next day. I havent done anything ever since. I live in Lebanon now and my hairdresser told me he could make it brownish and gradually add highlights but it would take some time. Anyways I think my skin color just doesnt work with brown so i was like meeh, thank u but no thank u...but then i look at that pic and its like hey! if she can do it...! someone send me her hair stylist over here!!! ^ ^