Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nice and Easy Twists

Well law school has been so hectic this months that I have not had much time with my hair..So I have been keeping my hair in twists for the past couple months. I must say, it is so much easier to just get up and go without having to tame my natural hair. No braiding up at night and unbraiding in the morning. I dont have to do a thing to my hair nad I just love it. Here are some pics of my twists!!

My hair looks shorter in the following pics b/c I got my twists done on wet hair..But they stayed fresh looking for about 3 weeks!!


svrbrownsuga said...


Fashion's Darling said...

its so pretty! I'm currently in the process of growing out my relaxed hair into natural. It's tough. lol

oo law school! I'm gearing up for the LSATs later on this year. I'm freaking out lol