Friday, July 4, 2008

What's your Airport Style?

Which celebrity airport style most closely resembles your own? Some women go all out and wear entirely too much on a plane. I personally see no need to wear stilletto heels, a short tight skirt, or anything uncomfortable of course unless you have to go straight from the airport to a special event. Check out some of these celebrities' airport styles!!!

Lindsey Lohan. Im kinda feeling this funky rocker look. I mean she definitely looks comfortable and she's not trying too hard to be cute!

Jessica Biel..very cute, I just love this jacket and the fedora!

Paris Hilton...I think she's trying to be more edgy because of her rocker boyfriend Benji Madden but this look doesnt really fit her!

Rachel Bilson..She always looks so cute and never has too much going on. She is such a fashionista!!!

Reese Witherspoon...Im loving this male-inspired look, especially the fedora..As ou can tell, I love fedoras but I cant wear them because I have an afro lol!

Jessica Simpson..Love the jeans, shoes and jacket. I probably would have gotten rid of the hat!!

Tyra Banks..hmmmm, not feeling this at all. Too much going on with that scarf and the sunglasses and the dress print!!

Jennifer Anniston. She is always sooo classic! love this look!!

Gisele Bundchen..Cute and comfie style. Im feeling the Chucks!

Fergie..Hot!! I like her funky style!

Eva Longoria. Very pretty and girlie yet comfortable look!

Carrie the cute doggy accessory!!

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Special K said...

I think the relaxed look is the best, especially when you're always late like myself :-)

Like you blog!!!